1, 2, 3, 4… WOW, You Have Your Hands Full!

We’re use to getting the comments about our family size everywhere we go, and I’m really thankful that I’ve not ever received a negative comment from strangers. Maybe they just know better than to incite the ire of the crazy lady with six kids. 😉 I did have that old guy at the store ask me if I knew what caused this, but he was smiling and holding the shopping cart to help me out as I unloaded little ones. And my response to him was, “Yes, and I’m very good at it,” which made him laugh and hopefully reminded him that his comment was inappropriate.

Anyhoo, traveling with six kids was quite the adventure, and I just prayed we would make it home with all six! The first challenge was getting them through security at the airport – which was a snap, as they opened a new line for us when they saw us coming and were SO kind and patient and helpful. When I saw security at Orlando I got more nervous – it was PACKED, and loud, and long lines – but again, they opened a new lane for us and were organized and efficient and kind.

We had a brief concern getting to the gate at DFW as the kids wanted to take the escalator but after I stepped on (holding two hands) E decided she was nervous and did not follow – blocking the top of the escalator as business travelers piled up behind her. One very kind gentleman helped her step on (and she let him!) and when she ended up seated instead of standing he left his bag on the step and followed her down to help her get up then step off. (I’m so thankful she let him help her.)

We got to the plane and the flight was uneventful, and the people seated around us were long-suffering and all smiles as our little chatter boxes talked to them. 🙂 Our driver was right there to meet us and we got to the hotel just fine, and everyone was tucked into bed. The next morning we did early admission to the park since we were staying on-site and that’s when the funny comments began!

First, we did have little boys in white shirts and Gryffindor ties and one in a full Harry Potter robe/outfit so that alone drew a lot of attention. But everywhere we went there were people counting aloud – we could hear them! “One, two, three, four, five, six… they have SIX KIDS!” We had people turning and staring at us as we walked past, with big eyes but mostly smiles.

The flight back was a bit more hairy as B got air sick and Kit was in the bathroom with him while I tried to supervise the remaining five kids (one a very nervous flier) across two rows (with a row of adults between the two rows) and all awake past bedtime (flight took off at 8pm.) Everyone survived but there were a few moments when I vowed we would not ever fly again. When we landed and the row of men between our two rows told us we had great travelers I was so, so thankful we left that impression!

Oh, we did get asked at the airport, “Are they all yours?” which made us laugh. Can you imagine borrowing children to travel? Six under the age of 12 years? And I was asked a couple times if I had given birth to all of them… I assume they meant as opposed to being mine through adoption or marriage, which wouldn’t make them any less mine. I think it was just hard for people to fathom we birthed six kids and then brought them all to a theme park. But we did it!

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