Why London?

I’ve been asked lately why an 8 year old would pick London as his wish list (after Harry Potter world, of course.) Remember, this is the child who also picked Antarctic and some ancient forest in Asia with thousand year old trees I can’t even remember the name of! But why London in particular? His main reasons were:

Harry Potter studio tour because (a) Harry Potter! and (b) he wants to do a movie studio tour. There’s a lot in London he wants to see along those lines – such as Platform 9 3/4. 🙂

Doctor Who studio tour because the same reasons above. He’s a HUGE Doctor Who fan, he watches the old ones from 40+ years ago with Kit and he’s seen some of the modern ones (not the scary ones.) Doctor Who is what got him hooked on Van Gogh, and why he was able to recognize a not famous painting by Van Gogh at the DMA without seeing the label and know it was his. Continue reading “Why London?”