2015 Wrap Up!

I know, we’ve been quiet around here on the blog – but that’s because life with our six little ones has NOT been quiet! Between home schooling and both parents’ work and growing kids with activities and therapies we’ve been juggling a lot. We’ve continued to receive postcards and notes from you and it’s been wonderful!

Last year Ben had some beautiful, huge wishes come true, so here’s a recap – each one of these deserves their own post and photos, which we hope to get up to share with you one of these days!

January: Kit took the older kids to watch the Harlem Globetrotters and Ben got to do the toss up – he was so tiny in comparison to those players, and he said it was fantastic! The next week Ben turned ten and requested shrimp alfredo and key lime pie for his birthday dinner. He’s our little foodie.

February: Kit spent a week in Louisiana at Mardi Gras with the oldest three kids while Heidi held down the fort with the youngest three. They came home loaded with kings’ cake, beads, parade goodies, and so many stores about the sweet people and awesome food. When they came home it snowed! In Texas!

March: West Texas – we braved an ice storm and horrendous roads to head west: Midland, Monohan Sand Dunes, Carlsbad Caverns, scuba diving in a lake, McDonald observatory, Fort Davis… it was an epic road trip with so many kind people we met along the way. The sand dunes were stunning!

April: We stayed in town as Heidi was on call for some babies on their way. We attended Doctor Who day on the Square where we got our comics & had a family pictures in the Tardis.

May: We flew to England & France and it was INCREDIBLE!!!

June: We flew to Washington DC for a whirlwind adventure of sites and people (Heidi graduated from high school nearby and met up with old friends.) We could have spent months exploring the museums and memorials and we hope someday to return for more.

July: We flew to San Francisco to see the redwoods (which the kids could not believe the size of), Chinatown (including a fortune cookie factory!), the Bay Bridge (which Kit, Ben and Christopher FLEW over in a private plane) and celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary.

August: Ben attended a Weird Al concert!!

September – November: We had some at home months with Heidi & Kit working, kids getting some homeschool work done, therapy visits, and family visiting from out of town.

December: We toured the Japanese Gardens in Fort Worth to see the changing colors. Christopher and Kit said it’s one of their most favorite places we’ve visited EVER! We wrapped up the year with some strangely warm weather (70F) and planned for more local adventures in the year to come!

That summary obviously does not do justice to the people and places we’ve encountered over the last year, but these little ones are keeping us on the run so it’s a start. And I promise each of these trips has been scrapbooked, photos have been printed up, albums made, thank you notes sent, and friendships continued to help Ben and each of us always remember these experiences. <3

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