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LAGOM Update #3

How are we doing with our LAGOM journey? * I love our little indoor garden. We’ve used the VĂ„XER line for greens and I’ve even transplanted some lettuce that we sprouted from grocery stems (cut off the bottom, place in … Continue reading

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LAGOM Update #2

We’re about halfway through and we are loving the changes! First, the food – growing our own little plants this winter has been fun and educational. My favorite meal we made so far was naan bread brushed with olive oil, … Continue reading

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Weighted Lap Blanket Instructions

You’ll need: * pillow case – I used standard size, you can use king size to get a better size for bigger kids. * rice – I used about 5 kilo bags, about 10 lbs worth but you can gauge … Continue reading

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Some Observations, Six Months In

* I don’t miss ice in my drinks. We really thought we would, as coming from Texas we put ice in our water all year long. Drinks from restaurants or drive throughs – half ice. (I hated that, I asked … Continue reading

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LAGOM Update #1

One of our LAGOM goals was that our kids use a lot of paper for school work and art – they love to draw, which we love! But I hated how much paper we were recycling because of it. This … Continue reading

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Tea Time from an Outsider’s Perspective

Whatever I write here about tea and tea time in England is going to be heavily disputed by any number of people if they read it, as tea opinions vary widely from one person to the next. It’s very, very … Continue reading

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Random Food Post (This Got Long)

One of the questions we get most is about how our diet may have changed since we moved. Here’s some thoughts in no particular order: * The ONE and only item we’ve not found locally is corn tortillas. The shops … Continue reading

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Happy Holidays!!

Denton courthouse & Nottingham Castle, our two homes!

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LAGOM Intro!

Last fall we moved from Texas to England. As we settled into our new home we were receiving IKEA emails & one caught my eye about the idea of LAGOM – Swedish for the idea of “the right amount is … Continue reading

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Guess What??

One year ago when we had the chance to visit England for Ben’s wish trip we did not in our wildest dreams imagine what would come next… We’ve moved to England!! Kit’s working in the city of Nottingham (for his … Continue reading

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