Best Foods Thus Far

* Heidi says the croissants from this bakery in Paris, which were like a toffee/nut/chocolate something? They were AMAZING, like I ate one and immediately walked back to the shop for a second one and we’re already planning to go there for breakfast every morning when we visit Paris again.

* And also H, curry. I’ve eaten some of the most fantastic, spicy, amazing, delicious curries here. I had curry before, but the variety here has me hooked.

* M says the creme caramel flan cups from the local grocery store. They’re like a pudding cup, but fancy. That makes me laugh… 😀 But really, she says all the desserts, especially the tea time treats at Saatchi Art Gallery Mess which really is fantastic.

* B says the mac & cheese at the Sherwood Manor pub down the street from us. Kit tried it when he arrived here before us, then brought us there the week we moved and it’s still one of the kids’ favorite spots for family dinners. It’s really, really good and we’re all big mac & cheese fans.

* E says the bakery bread and cheese, specifically brotchen while in Germany or baguettes in France with any old cheese. We often picnic by grabbing cheese & mustard and a crusty loaf of something, fruit & some dessert, and head to the park.

* J says fish and chips with tartar sauce and “fry sauce” (which is american, mayo & ketchup) and NOT peas.

* O & C are thinking.

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  1. I treat myself to a creme caramel flan cup here about once a year.

    Do they do bread pudding there? Been a long time since I’ve had it here. I need to relearn how to make it.

    Hey! Pizza!? What is pizza like over there? I know it can be different from state to state in America. Is there anything unusual about British pizza?

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