BFD in Flower Mound

photo 1After hearing about Ben’s story we were invited by the folks at Bar Fun Dining in Flower Mound to come enjoy lunch and some game adventures. The kids had a blast – almost as much fun as Kit had. 😉

They were very excited to see the welcome on the sign as we pulled up, and then Cory gave each of them a game pass card – swipe to play. Oh, they swiped! We pulled them away from the games long enough to eat, and they loved it all – that was the best tomato basil soup I’ve ever had, though I lost half of it to Livy and they were kind enough to bring me more. 🙂 For dessert they brought out plates of cheesecake cannoli with ice cream, which Livy asked me to NOT share with her and she was quite confident she could eat it all, thank-you-very-much.

photo 3photo 2

It was a ton of fun and a wonderful, relaxing, yummy lunch. (Thank you, Cory & Molly! We’ll be back for sure to try that key lime pie-in-a-jar!)

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