B’s Bad Thought

Background first – B’s eye doctor told him he needs to be really careful to NOT rub his eyes, he needs to be gentle on them.

We had tucked the kids into bed and B came back out and handed me a notebook with this message. Spelling and punctuation are as he wrote it.

1. I go to bed
2. I rub my eyes!
3. My retinas re(?)atach*
4. I don’t learn breiale**
5. I can’t see at all.
6. I DIE.
Bonus 7. I’m not able to go to Uneversal Studios.

* He asked us if the retinas may detach or reattach and which was bad, he just mixed this up.
** He meant braille.

Poor, sweet boy. We reassured him that rubbing his eyes would not make his retinas detach (or reattach!) and that we will help him learn braille and he’s NOT going to die from this and we will make sure he sees Harry Potter world at Universal Studios soon. It did make me giggle that Harry Potter world was his “Bonus” and ultimate worry. đŸ™‚ But it also broke my heart.

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