Children’s Hospitals

Have you seen that? My kids love it.

I can’t watch it without crying – in part because I see those little children so strong and so determined, but dealing with things no child should ever have to face. I see the parents in the video smiling and playing along, and I know how much their hearts are aching. And I see the staff – there really is something extraordinary about the care providers in a children’s hospital. Medical staff at all hospitals can be wonderful, but there’s something extra special about those people choosing to work with children and their families. We only spent 123 nights in hospitals with Ben, at 3 NICU/PICU/pedi centers here in the metroplex. I’m thankful for each of the people who served our families there, and for those who helped with our out patient treatments/surgeries as well, not just with Ben but with our other three kids who needed to go under general anesthesia for various things. It’s scary every time, and something that changes a parent and child and their entire family forever.

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