Dallas Arboretum

I deliberately did NOT share this video with Bennett because I knew he would be enthralled and want to visit the Children’s Adventure Garden. I priced it – $124 for our family to go once, or $125 for an annual pass but that only allows in six people. So an additional $26 per visit if we want to take all the kids – or I guess we could do a coin toss at the gate to see who gets left behind? 🙂

Fieldtrips are a big discount and I coordinated one a few years back to take all the kids and they did LOVE it so much. In the spring I thought I would try to coordinate another one, I just didn’t have the time or energy to focus on that right now. (Coordinating field trips can be a lot of work!)

There’s a Facebook page for a DFW Child magazine for families with children with special needs. I just learned about it last week and followed the page and saw they were hosting a giveaway for an annual membership to the Arboretum. I pretty much never enter any type of online context because what’s the chance I’ll win, right?

WE WON! An annual pass! I started crying, I’m feeling very emotional and very grateful these days.

So I finally showed Ben the video of the children’s park and his response was priceless. He was mesmerized and asked, “Is this a REAL place?” When I told him where it’s located he said, “It’s HERE? In Texas? And actual children can go there?” (Actual children… where does he come up with these stuff, he’s too funny!) Yep, real children.

I didn’t tell him what’s happening yet, I’m going to let him watch the video again and get him excited and then we’ll surprise all the kids when we show up there. I’ve got some doula babies coming soon and I’m not sure when we can make it but I am thrilled to have this chance.

We’re feeling very blessed.

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