Do You Work Here?

Potter-59My sister, their Aunt Rebecca, made the Harry Potter cloak for C’s birthday one year and we added the patch this year (C used his birthday money from grandparents to buy it – he was thrilled our hotel had sewing kits for him to attach it while we were still there.) We didn’t think we would have room in the luggage but I snuck in this cloak, their white dress shirts, and we surprised them with the ties that morning of his birthday. So when he showed up at Harry Potter world he was certainly not the only child (or adult!) decked out in the garb, but our boys were the only ones with Harry Potter glasses. πŸ™‚ And they got a LOT of comments on it.

We did early admission to the Harry Potter world all three days (8am, the park opens to the public at 9am) and we were done with our big sights by 9am and heading back to the front to visit other parts of the park. As we walked past the flood of people entering I was walking behind the boys and just laughing at the reactions they were getting. Little kids were saying, “IT’S HARRY POTTER!” but even adults were staring and smiling and commenting on it. I was watching other people turn and stare at the boys – it was really cute, and I pointed it out to C & B.

When we were inside Harry Potter world later on C was checking out some stuff on the shelf and I would see people watching him, and their eyes getting wider. The staff without fail would ask him, “Wait, what are you doing here? Do you have a pass to be out of Hogwarts today? It’s school time!” (It was technically school days, he told them he was homeschooled.) πŸ™‚ I took a photo of C shopping and saw a flash – when I turned around a woman behind me was taking a picture of C, took! Then we started to notice more and more flashes – people were taking pictures of our kids wandering around Harry Potter world. When he posed for a picture with the train conductor people around us were taking pictures. I pointed it out to C knowing he would think that was funny and he said, “I wondered why I kept getting flashes in my face!” (He’s sensitive to light and hates flashes.)

On our final day we were exploring an out of the way spot and an older gentleman walked up and asked C, “Do you work here?” I think it was a real kick for our kids to feel like they were part of the show.

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