Fort Worth Zoo!

Last week Tamron Hall brought us into Dallas for a video chat (she was in NYC) to talk about Ben’s vision bucket list. She was incredibly kind, and at the end of the show mentioned she would be in town soon and wouldn’t it be fun to visit the zoo with us.

She really meant it! On our way home from the show we got a call from her producer saying they had been in touch with the Fort Worth zoo to set up something special and could we come in a few days later? We did, and it was so much fun – I’m not sure if Kit and me or the kids thought it was neater!

Here’s the video clip:

Thank you to Tamron & to everyone at the Fort Worth Zoo for making this such a special day. Penguins! And owls and an armadillo and a turkey, a white tiger and baby elephants! Ben will never forget this experience.

(More pictures to come, the zoo had a photographer there as well.)

Surprise, we heard this morning that the photos were on TODAY – you can watch it here, Tamron talks about our zoo visit in the last couple minutes.

Update: Thanks to the Fort Worth Zoo & Tamron Hall for sharing these photos with us as well!

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