Happy News – Therapy & College

We found out our caseworker with the state is actually our “counselor” and interesting, she’s working on her Ph.D in family therapy. She’s handy to have around, for many reasons.

Also interesting, after meeting we discovered that she attended college with Kit at one university in town then years later was in one of my graduate school class at another college when I was pregnant with Ben! We sat next to each other in class while I was expecting the baby she would later be providing services for… what a small world.

Anyhoo, we had a long chat this morning and she’ll be helping us do some family therapy sessions for all the kids to talk about their feelings about what is happening. Which is fantastic, as I fell asleep last night wondering how I could get Ben some therapy visits to process his emotions through this experience – answer to prayers.

AND we also learned that he’ll be eligible for free tuition to any Texas state university! He can attend either school here in town or the community college just outside of town when he’s ready. For FREE! As I told her, that’s a happy spot in a dark week.

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