Kids’ Activities in the UK

Because the kids aren’t in a traditional school, we can’t answer as to how most kids have extracurricular activities with school. C is starting at a new program and they told us that Tuesday is their extracurricular day… that kids can stay after for clubs for an hour to participate, which is not how it’s done stateside (with things like band or sports happening every day!) But there are community based activities like scouts, martial arts, dance, football clubs, park runs, etc. Within the home ed community there’s a TON happening – rock climbing, ice or roller skating, forest schools, National Trust hikes, cooking or art or science or robotics clubs – basically everything under the sun.

Some stuff our kids have done since we moved here, as typed by J:

– cooking club
– science fairs
– forest school
– ice skating
– National Trust meet ups
– drama for E
– roller skating for Mo
– park run
– boys brigade for J
– girl guides for MO AND E
– crochet club
– board game club
– ballet FOR O

Okay, he quit now. 😀 O wants a turn

– windmill so fun funny…
– forest club
– scooter fun funny…

Mo says it’s the trips that she loves most as extracurricular activities – daytrips around the area to the abbeys, overnight trips to places like Dover, and the bigger trips to Paris or Athens.

Though admittedly, we’re an oddball bunch because we’re not attending a community public school. The kids are able to do activities during the standard school day (like field trips to watch them make pizza at a cafe in city centre, or touring the local fire station, or the chocolate factory up the road.) There are still weekly clubs and sports and such, but those are in the evenings or weekends.

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