LAGOM Update #2

We’re about halfway through and we are loving the changes!

First, the food – growing our own little plants this winter has been fun and educational. My favorite meal we made so far was naan bread brushed with olive oil, sprinkled garlic, and broiled with mozzarella then greens on top and balsamic vinaigrette. I’m getting hungry remembering it… And look how much it’s grown from our first update?? Here’s the VÄXER line we’re using…

Our LAGOM workshop was to make draft excluders. Emy was able to do one with scraps of fabric and tying it – no sewing needed! Though once at home she also sewed up one for our conservatory door which has really helped. Though I’ll admit we made one draft excluder that turned out to be jumbo sized (my fault entirely) and we ended up cutting it into two pieces – which the children then claimed for couch pillows, as you can see with the picture of J lounging happily in a pile-o-pillows. But I think that absolutely counts as LAGOM since it was recycled materials and making our room more cozy!

This year I started a bullet journal (which I love) and on it I have “*Inventory the closet” which is where the storage bags are… I’ve just not gotten around to it yet but rest assured if it’s in the bullet journal I will do it. 😀 Here’s the HADJEBY line. The kids are highly amused by the vacuum process itself, and seeing how tiny they can compress these huge bags. We’re getting to rotate our winter clothes into the bags, and we also discovered these bags are perfect for compressing your huge comforters when you are switching to lighter duvets. Previously (when using bins in the states) it took up SO much space and was a lengthy process to bring in the bins from storage and sort through them to find out what we needed for the next season. These clear bags have made it a much faster, smoother process. Kids outgrew clothes? Don’t go shopping, grab your easy to spot storage bag of clothes and they’ve got a whole new wardrobe of hand-me-downs!

The pantry we redid with FILUR containers and I think they are wonderful. Issues with those are that the lids can pop off easily which means when little ones grab them and they’re full of something like, oh… flour? It can get a bit messy. But apart from that little warning, they are so helpful for storage and I feel like we’ve stayed on top of our pantry much better. I can tell we’re wasting less and more aware of what we have to rotate and use up and that feels great! This photo is from last winter and is a work in progress but you can see what the bins look like and how much space they can free up for you. (I could claim the pantry looks even tidier now – but probably not. It is, however, much organized and that means less waste!)

So, that’s our mid-project update and we’re excited about our next workshop coming up to learn about Growing in Small Spaces!

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