LAGOM Update #3

How are we doing with our LAGOM journey?

* I love our little indoor garden. We’ve used the VÄXER line for greens and I’ve even transplanted some lettuce that we sprouted from grocery stems (cut off the bottom, place in a dish of water until leaves start growing again) into the kit. Tonight we had quiche and went and picked greens for a salad and it just makes me smile! It’s also inspired us to try sprouting a few other things like green onions (once you use them leave the white bit whole and like the lettuce, place it in water) and basil (I had a stem with no roots – into the cup of water and it grew roots!! It’s now thriving in a pot and we plucked some this week for tomato basil soup.) The children are also noticing all our plants indoors and out, and watering and naming and caring for them! It’s adorable.

* Our closet storage space got a makeover as we sorted out how to store the clothes the kids aren’t currently wearing because of size or season. In the states we had a large garage with huge plastic storage bins, but we needed a more compact solution for here. Here’s the HADJEBY line recommended to us and it’s been wonderful. I love that I can see easily what’s in each one, the kids think sealing them up is hysterically funny, and rather than clothes shopping we just shop in the closet! One of the kids needed a certain type of shirt for an activity and I could easily check the bags and find just what we needed, saving me a trip to the store and the hunt for a new shirt. Hooray!

* The VEMUND board has been a huge, huge help. The goal was to use less paper for drawing and school work with the kids, so we mounted this on the wall (at their level) in the dining room and it gets used all the time! For writing up menus or daily reminders, for practicing their cursive writing or math problems, or I’ll find sweet notes and funny drawings they leave for us. Very, very good investment.

* Something we’ve not mentioned before, we got some of the FESTMALTID lunch containers. Our eldest is at college two days a week and was eating at the campus cafe, but was often buying lunch. With these new boxes we’ll have something he loves for dinner (like curries) and then he’ll pack the leftovers to bring for his meal the next day. He says these boxes are sturdy and lock tight so nothing spills in his bag, and he was happy about how much of his spending money he was saving by not buying food but rather bringing it from home. I was excited to have the teenager getting on board with living LAGOM!

* Another item I’ve not written about before – we have a rug in our living room to go under the coffee table by the couch (onto the hardwood floors.) I hadn’t planned to get a rug but after the workshop and as we talked about making our home more hygge for the winter I reconsidered. Kit was concerned about how cold the house may be (as we’re Texans, after all, and this is a new climate!) and thought it would be good to help keep heating costs down. He was right – the coffee table is a gathering place for our family as it’s large enough for games and puzzles and visits with friends. Having the rug keeps little feet warm and has given us a spot that we can all kneel around the table – just today we had friends over and one of our daughters made a beautiful tea party spread that we served on the low table. We ended up all kneeling on the warm rug and chatting while we sipped and snacked and it was so lovely! We have one like this GASER. We also received a GURLI throw in our gift bag, and we loved it enough to buy another to cut down on tug-o-wars with the kids. We’ve spent many evenings snuggled on the couches with the throw blankets with kids and reading stories (and keeping warm) and I smile when I think of all those memories of cuddling evenings as a family.

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