Travel Tips with Kids – London for Kids by Emy: Museums

Disclaimer, E was asked what she wanted to share about London and she said LONDON FOR KIDS but she wants you to know that she’s a “strange child” (her words, not mine!) so take her advice with a grain of salt. 😀

Whenever I’m in London I like to go to museums. Some of my favorites are: the V&A (Victoria and Albert), the Natural History, the Science Museum, and the National Art Gallery.

The V&A has lots and lots of art to appeal to everyone. They have paintings from the medieval era, the renaissance, and Georgian miniatures. They also had lots of Roman and Greek statues. There was a hallway filled with ironwork, custom made banisters, window frames, and balconies.

The Natural History has lots of cool stuff, but if you have little kids who are a bit squeamish you shouldn’t take them. It’s full of stuffed animals, not the kind you can cuddle, it gave me nightmares.

The Science Museum has all kinds of hands on stuff for kids, sometimes they have new exhibit. In the basement they have a little kids play area.

(Heidi insert – the V&A, Natural History, and Science museums are all literally across the street from each other, but each one you could spend an entire day in separately. So good luck picking! Back to Emy…)

The National Art Gallery had some Van Gogh, that’s the most memorable part for me.

Heidi inserts: The basement of the science museum also has a fun gallery of everyday objects throughout the ages – like radios, or toilets (which the kids found hysterical.) There’s a cafe down there and seating area if you’ve brought a sack lunch, too. Museums not noted because they aren’t E’s favorites but worth checking out – the British Library’s little gallery, and the British Museum itself. Ones we’ve not seen yet but will next month – the Tate, and the Museum of London. ALL of the museums listed above are free, special exhibits may charge an entrance fee, and donations are welcome (of course!) but not expected.

Museums that charge a fee but can be fun for fans – The Globe if you love Shakespeare (worth it!) and the Sherlock museum, which we did not go in but we did walk through their (free to enter) gift shop on the ground floor, and you can get a photo outside.

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