Medieval Times

Medieval Times and Kiss FM invited our family to attend a dinner and tournament, and this was a first experience for all of us.

The kids were exploring the hall outside the tournament arena and checking out the horses when suddenly we heard a familiar name being called – we were brought up to the king, where Ben was knighted! He seemed to take it very, very seriously – he looked so solemn throughout, it was really cute. Then we were all ushered into the arena where we had seats front and center! It was the perfect view for Ben and all of the kids to get up close to the knights, the horses, and the falcon (Kit says he could feel the breeze over his head as it flew over!)

We dined on garlic bread and tomato soup (which was really good!) and we had ordered some of the vegetarian option as well – hummus, pita wedges, carrots and celery. The main courses were either chicken, ribs, and potato OR a bean soup and both were great! Dessert was a warm apple turnover, and actually one of the best I’ve ever had and I’m pretty picky about comparing pastries to the stuff I had in Germany and France when I was growing up. (Side note if you are going – they only offer tea or Pepsi, there are no caffeine free drinks except ice water. Or the bar.) πŸ™‚

Knowing we have some sensory sensitive kids we brought ear muffs (I highly suggest those if you have little ones) as they were LOVING the show, but covering their ears until we grabbed the headphones.

As our knight rode by he handed a carnation to our littlest, which made her giddy! I could tell the older girls were a bit envious but they smiled and clapped. The knight leaned in and told our oldest daughter, “I’ll be back for you.” Not wanting to get her hopes up I said maybe he forgot as he passed a couple more times tossing flowers higher up into the stands to other ladies. Throughout our meal the tournament was happening and then each of the knights came riding out with a sash tied to the end of their lance. They selected a “Queen of the Tournament” from their section of the arena and our knight chose our oldest daughter! She was blushing as she pulled the sash off the lance and they took her photo – it was so cute.

But this meant our middle daughter was sitting there smiling for her sisters, but feeling a bit sad. As the knight passed again he told her, “I’ll be back!” I admit I was wondering if she had heard him correctly (she insisted he told her this, I didn’t hear it over the noise) and I didn’t want her to leave feeling forgotten.

However, our black & white knight won the tournament! Which meant the knight got to pick “The Queen of Love and Beauty” to receive a sash and tiara – and guess who he chose?!! Our daughter was ecstatic, and I’m betting she’ll be sleeping in that tiara. πŸ™‚

So all in all, it was a magical evening of excitement and yummy food and adventure. The kids felt like royalty!! As you can see in one of the photos below, when our littlest sat herself down outside the castle and refused to leave because, “I want to stay here FOREVER!”

Our 8 year old daughter’s version:

We were on the black & white knight’s team, and he was passing out flowers. He blew me two kisses, saying, “I’ll be back.” And then near the end I became The Queen of Love and Beauty, and he proposed to me! And I met the princess, and got a tiara, a sash, and a picture of me, the princess, and the knight. By Emy.

2 thoughts on “Medieval Times”

  1. Hi Thaden – I cannot express how honored I feel to have been given the opportunity to share those moments with all of the members of your beautiful family – It was my absolute privilege to perform for you all!

    I absolutely love this story and the pics!!
    Please send my hugs and high fives to Ben and the whole family and make sure to thank Emy for accepting my proposal!

    Your new friend,
    Crew Wyard ( the black and white knight)

  2. Crew, you absolutely made Emy’s week – she’s been going around telling everyone she meets about her special night and becoming a queen. THANK YOU!!!

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