SO we’re in Alaska and we had just gotten back into our hotel room. The kids have taken off their shoes and are cuddled up in the bed watching cartoons before we head back out. Suddenly there’s a knock on the door and Blake, the NBC reporter, tells us there’s a moose right outside! The kids fly out the door – barefoot, no coats – in a mad dash to see a MOOSE! It’s freezing cold! We’re in Alaska!

I’m behind with a three year old who has completely stripped off her clothes because she’s three and they do stuff at that age. I bundle her up in two massive coats and try to catch up – we missed them, and came back in to get warm. Kit and our little ones eventually come back and I see most of our kids are being carried by the very, very kind news crew who realized our silly kids were barefoot. (They also gave our children their coats, which was super nice.)

The barefoot race succeeded, however! There was a moose, hanging out right there at Chena Hot Springs – almost as if it knew that Ben was hoping to see a moose and wanting to make sure that all his Alaska wishes came true.

Here’s the story that was shared, and since I didn’t catch up with them I’m so thankful the news crew was able to document the moose adventure!

NBC Anchorage story – including footage of the barefoot moose run!

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  1. So good to see your story on the Today show! My son was also born at 23 weeks, 21 oz, and also has compromised vision due to Rush ROP and surgery. He does not have cp or deafness or any of the other issues we were warned about. He does have glasses. He is two.

    Each prescription gets stronger. His grandpa – who is just about legally blind without glasses – shares the same prescription as my son.

    I have often wished for a peek into the future. Your family has given me that. Thank you.

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