NASA!! (And the Beach.)

SO, last minute trip to NASA and we are all so very excited. (There’s a big stack of space books sitting out now that the kids are devouring again.)

We’ll head down early one day and hit the Russell Stover factory in Corsicana then go to Galveston Island State Park (we’ve got a state park pass) so the kids can play in the much too cold water and see the coast. The kids requested shrimp for dinner so we found a couple options that look yummy and we’ll catch the free Galveston-Bolivar ferry. We’ll stay a night at a hotel a bit further north and hit the Children’s Museum of Houston for a couple hours in the morning (again, thanks to our lovely Perot science pass reciprocal membership!) and grab lunch then head to the NASA space center!! We’ll head home after that, so a quick and wonderful trip.

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