New York City – Day Three

Our third day we granted the kids’ wish to try a New York bagel (they approve) as we walked down to the Museum of Modern Art to see Starry Night.

It was breathtaking.

Then we headed back to our hotel to be picked up for the Katie Show, and everyone was so gracious and warm and welcoming! (More on that later, I’m writing my outline now as I play catch up!)

Among the many surprises we received, Ben and Kit were able to attend Wicked that night. (Ben loved it, of course, he loves musicals of all sorts!)

We flew out the next morning, and it was a whirlwind adventure of NYC that we’ll always treasure!


Funny update: Awhile after the trip when we were settled back home we got a package in the mail. It was from the Museum of Modern Art in NYC and they said since we hadn’t let them know we were coming (we just quietly went ourselves and got our own tickets that morning), they wanted to send Ben a special package to help him remember the trip. It was so incredibly thoughtful of them!

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