The Parthenon in Tennessee??

photoThank you to Beth for telling us about the Parthenon that’s only an 11 hour drive from our home (vs. an 11 hour PLANE RIDE over to Greece.)

I’ve learned that I should have the camera ready before I show Ben things so I can get his reaction, and this is what he did when I showed him the Parthenon in Nashville and explained how close it is. Safe to say he got VERY excited and wants to know when we can go. (I said maybe we’ll be able to do a trip to DC and see it on the way.)

This is also why we appreciate getting your suggestions for his wish list. Things that I thought would be impossible YOU make possible by sharing these creative (and closer) options! THANK YOU!!

6 thoughts on “The Parthenon in Tennessee??”

  1. The kids would LOVE Nashville and The Parthenon! It truly is amazing. So many fun things to do and see there, but the would also absolutely flip over Pigeon Forge and Dollywood. The area is so scenic and amazing.

    So wonderful to hear your stories and can’t wait to enjoy seeing pictures and hearing about all of the amazing adventures that your family is surely going to be blessed with!

  2. The Parthenon is a wonderful place to go. They have friezes for him to see. I remember going when I was in high school on the way to National Latin Convention. We were all very impressed. That was almost 45 years ago…maybe more. It’s been almost 45 years since I graduated !

  3. Ah, that is a great reaction! Keep me updated – Nashville is about 2 hours from me, so I’ll make the trip over if you get to Nashville!

  4. Aww, what a cutie pie reaction. 🙂 I might visit Greece this summer, and if I do I’ll be sure to send the kiddos (and parents!) a postcard. ^__^

  5. Hi Ben! I became paralyzed from waist down at age 53, the result of surgery gone bad. I don’t have control of my bowels or bladder and I’m in constant pain. Here I am 7 years later and I leave next week for a month long trip to Europe. I’m going alone. I’m scared. But I was scared 7 years ago, too. It took me that long to get the courage to live outside this box. I am an avid tennis fan and I have always wanted to see the French Open in Paris. Raphael Nadal is my favorite player and he’ has won the French Open 8 times. I sure hope I am there to see him win it for a 9th time. I am also going to the Grand Prix Formula 1 Race in Monte Carlo. I promise to send you a post card from every city I visit over this next month. All my best to you, Ben! We can do this!!

    Vicki Little

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