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We were at the lake today and I was pondering things I want the kids to see (especially Ben while he still has time) and wishing there was a way I could give them these memories, or afford to take them to all of these places. 🙂 But I wanted to make a list because maybe that will help me find places closer to home (and more affordable) that may give them a little glimpse of what these places are like. SO, if you have ideas for similar scenes, please share them! I recognize that many of these are rather unique but if we can at least give them the visual gist of it then I would be happy… I cannot get them to Switzerland, but I bet we can find a mountain lake stateside!

In no particular order:

* The tulip fields in Holland in the spring. All those colors as far as the eye can see! And the canals and windmills and how lovely Amsterdam is.
* The lakes tucked between the mountains in the valleys of Switzerland. Those silly cows that you fully expect to roll sidewise down the steep sides as they graze! I love those cows and their massive bells.
* The white cliffs of Dover. There was just something about them.
* The Christmas markets in Germany, with the little booths and greenery and lights (and freezing cold cobblestone!) and the delicious smells in the air.
* Those gorgeous rolling hills with little sheep and stone walls across England.
* The towering pine trees in the northwest, everything seemed so green and beautiful there.
* The palm trees and sandy beaches and those soothing waves on the beach in California. I would spend hours just laying there listening to the surf (though that’s an auditory memory, not a visual one I realize.) 🙂 We’ve not been there in over a decade so I’m not sure which beach we should check out in California when we go.
* The Lincoln memorial at night. Really, most of the memorials in DC at night.
* The red rocks of southern Utah.
* The snow covered Rocky mountains, since the Alps are a bit far – and I hate cold, but I want them to see how breathtaking the mountains are covered in white.
* Standing below Nike of Samothrace. She’s my favorite there, but I also love all the naked people falling down statues in Paris because they make me laugh and think of Joanna and Debbie and my siblings on our trips to Paris.
* Watching a meteor shower from the top of a mountain, with the stars so BIG.
* Walking along the shops of Annapolis harbor eating ice cream from that yummy place whose name I cannot remember… but I loved Annapolis, with the old red brick buildings and little shops.
* Driving through the desert and suddenly seeing the lights of Las Vegas – I know, that sounds funny, but I made that drive SO many times and every time I saw those lights it made me smile. I think the kids would get a kick out of Las Vegas.
* The Berlin wall and Brandenburg gate – those really would have to be the actual sites, as there is nothing similar! They’ve been reading about Germany and life behind the wall and visiting there in 1990 had such an impact on me. (I’m named Heidi because I was born in Germany, so it felt very personal to me learning more about why Americans were stationed there.)
* The view of Heidelberg castle from the philosopher’s walk.
* The changing leaves in the fall when the forest is a rainbow – but Texas doesn’t really have that, so we need to head north.

That’s it for now…

If you could give someone a visual memory of yours which would you want to share?

Any suggestions for places closer to Texas that we could show them similar things – tulip fields? 🙂 Mountain lakes, meteor showers, happy cows? We would truly love your suggestions – share away, you can comment or email me because I love your ideas.

7 thoughts on “Visual Memories – If You Could Share Them”

  1. Denver has a really great Christmas Market! I’ll have to think on the others. ;D I love that you are doing all these things with and for Ben.

  2. Heidi- Have you heard of the German Christmas town down in south Texas? I haven’t been there, but have wanted to go for years. Here is a link to some info about it. They are having a German festival at the end of March, and then there is the Christmas market.

    Have you also heard of the Bethlehem town just south of Dallas? That’s neat and was fun for the kids at the Christmas season.

  3. The visual memory that sticks out the most for me: Flying to Germany you’re on the plane all night long and then FINALLY there are the yellow-orange light of Holland below and you know it’s almost morning and you’re almost there. I don’t know why the lights of Holland are that color, but it really stands out to me. It was always such a relief to see them.
    But on to more helpful things… On your Colorado trip, I was wondering if you guys might enjoy the Leanin’ Tree Museum. It’s a FREE art museum with a sculpture garden. You can actually touch all of the sculptures. The art is all “Western” (no Monet or other great masters,) but it’s a fairly small place, so no one would get lost. There are also some prairie dog towns right around there, which I believe were on Ben’s list.
    Also, if your kids are into insects, I’d suggest the Butterfly Pavilion. Butterfly room, bugs galore, and you can hold a tarantula. It’s pretty pricey though. There’s a prairie dog town right next to it too, ha ha ha.

  4. Shana, thank you for those ideas! I’m adding them to our list to research before we head up.

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