Wish List Update

Thank you to Shannon for sending me back the screen shot of Ben’s wish list because I managed to lose it. :) Putting it here so I can keep better track.

Wish List Update:
- Harry Potter world (CHECK!)
- Dr. Who & Harry Potter studios/London (I said maybe someday… but he said he’s also scared of being airsick so he’s not sure if he wants to do this anymore)
- a Weird Al concert, or any music concert (He loves music so this makes sense, but he’s not told us this one before. Surely we can find something great here in DFW.)
- a play on the stage (Also new, time to research.)
- a store where people give out seeds (I verified – seeds. Like seed packets. Huh?? :) )
- sand dunes (New one – better go research.)
- use a microscope (Which I also managed to fail at showing him at my parents’ place.)
- Chuck E. Cheese (Another new one. Hmm… this seems hunger driven rather than vision related.)
- a water tower up close
- a place where they make books
- a bike store (The inside. As opposed to the outside? He wanted me to include that – the INSIDE of a bike store.)
- a place where they make plastic stuff (He’s fascinated by factories apparently.)
- Baylor where he was born. He said he has, “Lots of good memories of that place.” (That made me cry. I’m glad he has happy memories of a place I couldn’t see without crying for years.)
- a farm (To see chickens, cows, horses, and goats. I think Meg’s place counts, as he played with goats and chickens! But she didn’t have a cow. :) )
- the zoo (Planning to visit Dallas zoo for his bday in January if it’s not too cold.)
- the “pet rock” museum (He meant Perot science museum – next week, thanks to a generous membership gift!!)
- a candy factory (There is one in Denver and one in SLC with free tours!)
- the desert (Arches during Utah trip in spring.)
- a river (My parents live on the Missouri river but I cannot believe we forgot to take him up close to the banks. They live on a cliff over it, which was also neat to see.)
- a waterfall (Utah trip, though the ones in Universal Studio impressed him.)
- the beach (He says near where C was born in LA, but we hope to visit Gulf next spring as that’s several days’ drive closer! He did play in the sand under the palm trees in Florida even though it wasn’t on the coast.)
- the forest (He says Redwood forest, we’re working on that.)
- a cave (Hoping to visit Inner Space caverns north of Austin in spring, though Kit is hoping to show him Carlsbad Caverns.)
- an Apple Store (CHECK!!)
- the mountains (Colorado/Utah trip in spring)
- a toy factory (No clue where one of these would be – he says he likes seeing things made.)
- skiing (I’m nervous about this one but we’ll try to make it happen with a helmet. And bubble wrap.)
- a movie studio (He would like to see where movies are made and go see a movie. Because I realized he’s seen a movie in theaters maybe once in his life. I gotta fix that.)
- the Grand Canyon (Working on that combined with a California trip.)
- Prairie Dog town (Lubbock has one! Maybe on the way to Utah?)
- a planetarium (UNT star party he did in November!!)
- An art museum where he can see things up close (that’s gonna be tricky.)

And completely my fault, we had started planning a gulf trip that got cancelled and I left off those wishes:

- gulf coast to go camping
- NASA (I think they allow visitors? I’ve not researched at all.)
- the chocolate factory on the way :)

The ones Mom already vetoed because I am mean:
- Mount Rushmore
- New York City
- the Sistine Chapel (I didn’t say no, I just said not likely. I’ve never seen the Sistine Chapel and I lived a day’s drive from it for four years! We have looked at it online.)
- Antarctica
- Death Valley

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11 Responses to Wish List Update

  1. Keri Nielsen says:

    Utah has sand dunes!

  2. Heidi says:

    Tell me where and I’ll look it up to see if we can include it in our visit! He saw photos of the Sahara and I said that’s a wee bit too far away, Utah is much closer. :)

  3. Sarah Humphries says:

    Wildseed farms in Fredericksburg will totally fit the bill of a place that sells seeds! It’s beautiful and a great place for kids to run around in the Texas hill country.

  4. Abby Hanson says:

    If you’re going to Carlsbad Caverns it might not be too much of a stretch to go to White Sands, New Mexico for the sand dunes! It’s only an hour and a half from us. ;) And they have a missile museum.

  5. Heidi says:

    Their website tour is gorgeous! Checking it out with the kids – Ben said it’s an ocean of flowers. Thank you for sharing that! :)

  6. Heidi says:

    Hmm, checking mileage and seeing what we can do… Thanks!!

  7. James says:

    It strikes me that a trip to California would allow you to check off several of these at once (including some you vetoed), e.g., dunes, desert, Death Valley (it’s really not so bad outside of the summer months), Redwood Forest, a waterfall, the beach (near where C was born), caves/caverns, the mountains, skiing, movie studio (and/or perhaps studio audience attendance for a show he likes–they have websites that tell you how to get tickets for these things), as well as several that could also be easily accomplished elsewhere like a stage play, factories, a farm, a concert, a place that gives out seeds… and as you mentioned, the grand canyon is sorta “on the way” to CA, although it’s probably just as much on the way to UT/CO.

  8. Heidi says:

    I think we’re beginning to realize that we really should make California happen. The Grand Canyon wouldn’t be a long detour out of the way – it’s a couple hours off the path. We just have to figure out lodging, places to stay would be the biggest expense of that trip.

  9. Chris Kraft says:

    Universal Studios in California might be a lot of fun for you guys. I loved the back-lot tour where you get ride a tram through some movie and TV sets and they have a few fun events that happen while your on the tour. I could go back there again and again. Lots to do. http://www.universalstudioshollywood.com/

  10. Tucker Pope (TAMS grad 2012) says:

    There is a prairie dog town in Lubbock, which is only a 4 hour drive from the metroplex. Its in Mackenzie Park, a local park.

  11. Heidi says:

    Chris, I hadn’t even thought of that option – thank you for the idea!

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