The Wish List

Things Ben’s hoping to see & do are here.

Some wishes that have already come true are here!

Questions, comments, suggestions for his wish list? Please feel free to leave a note here or we can be reached at or by snail mail at:

Ben’s Wish List
c/o Hobby-Q
PO Box 2107
Lake Dallas, TX 75065-2107

27 thoughts on “The Wish List”

  1. Hi folks, I am a Transition Counselor with blind and visually impaired children. I saw this story and wanted to know first if you all are set up with DARS DBS yet? Also I am taking 25 blind and visually impaired kiddos to the Ft. Worth Zoo for an overnight adventure this Friday. Call me if Ben might be interested. Sorry it is short notice!
    Jennifer Svelan

  2. I would be happy to pay his and his families addmission to Dallas or Fort Worth zoo or the aquarium

  3. Jennifer, I emailed you back and I am so sad that our weekend was committed already! What a neat opportunity, not just for the zoo visit but to meet with other children with visual impairments.

    Ben does have a counselor with DARS and she’s been a fantastic resource. She connected us recently with the beeping egg hunt, which all of the kids loved.

    Thank you for the offer!

  4. I was touched by your story and would be honored to pay for your family to go to the Dallas World Aquarium. It’s one of my favorite places to visit. Please email me or even better call me at 214.202.5016. My spam blocker might keep your email from getting through! I’m praying for you all and I look forward to hearing from you.

    Sonja Witt

  5. Hello-
    I read Bens story and it touched my heart. It was the first time I wished I did something on his list instead of what I do. I do however want to offer for Ben and his family to come by Celebrity Cafe and Bakery for a complimentary lunch and a yummy dessert. Please just email me for specifics. I look forward to meeting Ben and spreading his story for other to reach out!

  6. Does Ben have a gofundme account set up? Or any site where monetary donations could be sent?


  7. What an amazing young man and family! I can’t find a link to make a donation. Is there one, or can you add it? Also, if checks are mailed, what is the address and who should checks be made out to? It would be great to share this on Facebook. Praying for you all.

  8. I work for the city of Farmers Branch. Certainly we can get your big guy into the Historical Park. Let me know your availability and I will put something together!

  9. I was VERY touched by your family and the challenges you are facing. We would like to help. Please know we are praying for your and your sweet children.


  10. My husband also dreamed of being able to snorkel. He’s a C 5-6 incomplete quadripelgic. His dream came true this past January when Guillermo and friends of EZSnorkel took him snorkeling. He was able to see Sea Turtles, Sting Rays, fish and coral. He loved every second of it. Guillermo often takes children snorkeling so please check out his page and consider going if you can get there. He accepts donations but never charges for this experience. It’s an incredible experience. Can’t say enough good things about this amazing group of people. We’ve got some great pictures you can check out too

  11. I would like to help Ben get to check something off his Bucket List. Can I donate to address above? Can they cash a check made out to “Ben’s Wish List”??

  12. Lynne, thank you! We’ve not set up an account for the wish list but Ben does have a savings account (we just added the info above) or checks could be made to me (Heidi Thaden-Pierce) and I can deposit them for him. Thank you so much!!

  13. Hope, there is always hope…
    Ben is in my prayers that a miracle heals his eyes. The body is amazing if its just given a chance. I overcame very serious disease processes in my life when I was told no hope. I was very, very lucky. I took the movie star route. A very clean environment, diet, and homeopathics can help tremendously. God bless your family and I pray to God, all of the angels and saints to heal your beautiful boy completely, S.

  14. I have volunteered with a non profit group for the past 13 years, based out of Kirkwood ski resort near Lake Tahoe, A GREAT GROUP!!
    We would love to make your ski dreams come true! We are a 100% non profit helping guide the visually impaired, we also have a Archery program, our ski program has been
    going for 30+ years…..Very close to the Jelly Belly factory! And Yosemite, Death valley
    lakes streams all close buy! Would love to help out.

  15. I was thinking for the skating wish, maybe you could contact one of the pro hockey teams located in Texas. The Dallas Stars (NHL), The Texas Stars (AHL) , and The San Antonio Rampage (AHL)

    I wish you luck in fulfilling as many of his wishes as possible. You will be in my thoughts and prayers.

  16. Hi again, I posted earlier this month in response to Bens wish to see a bike store, I had suggested Richardson Bike Mart. Anyway I remember how on Katie Ben went to a Comic Book store in NYC and since he loves comics have you ever thought about taking him to a comic con? (A convention that has guests from the comic book and sci fi genre theres also people in costumes and booths where they sell stuff) They just had one this weekend here in Dallas, but they do an even bigger one in San Diego in July.

  17. I know this might sound a little crazy, ok real crazy but if President George H.W. Bush at 90 could do it surely Ben could!! Most likely the parents will say, not!! A skydiver of over 25 years can say their is no more scenic view than that in free fall!! I would, if interested in sharing this wonderful experience for Ben, make it happen!! If not, I truly understand. To go up in an airplane to watch others jump out would also be very exciting. If this would be of interest please let me know! Thoughts & prayers are with Ben & Family!! Bubba Lapeyrouse

  18. Hi, I can’t tell you how moved I am by Ben’s story as a mother (of a Ben, no less!). I would love to help sponsor one of Ben’s trips. Please contact me if you have a paypal or another method that I could help, it would mean a lot to me to be able to do this.

    Best wishes,

  19. I’ve shared Ben’s story with so many friends. I know you don’t want to donations perse but I wish you’d consider setting up a paypal OR a account for people to be able to contribute to your travel and experiences!

  20. Kathryn, we’ve been so blessed by contributions and we’re thankful for the help! Instead of donating to Ben we’re encouraging people to consider supporting an organization that helps other children with visual impairments such as Light House for the Blind in Fort Worth:

    Thank you for your generosity and kindness!

  21. God bless u ben i have a 6 year old old daughter with a Vi also she ead born partially blind so I wish all the best in life

  22. Impressionante, história muito bonita e espero que o mesmo realize todos seus sonhos, abraços do Brasil !! E claro, um dia se possível visitem nosso maravilhoso Brasil !!

    Amazing, beautiful story and I hope that the same carries all your dreams, hugs from Brazil !! Of course, one day you can visit our wonderful Brazil !!

  23. If you ever make it to South Dakota– Mount Rushmore is beautiful, Crazy Horse Memorial, Jewel Cave National Monument. I took a family vacation to SD when I was little and these were all truly wonderful things to see. 🙂

  24. Beloved family, You can visit all places but please, let Ben know that Jesus can heal him.
    The same God that got him from NICU is still at work, He never changes.
    When all doctors fail, He only can change the situation. Just believe !!!
    You have said it, MIRACLES HAPPEN/ They still happen.
    To God be all the glory for Ben’s wonderful life. Amen

  25. Hello ;
    In 1990 my son was 3 years old and was only 3/10 each eye ; the Doctor said ” it will be worse and worse latter ; I can do nothing for him ” ; we knew food could help my son ; so we stop to give him a lots of cakes , sugar , milk , cheese , chocolate , exotic fruits , tomato sauce on so on ,and more cereals like brown rice , or others cereals ; some weeks later it was better and very queekly he was 10 / 10 each eyes ; you peraphs can find such things on the web sites in USA ?
    I hope it could help you ?
    Didier ( from France )

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