Guess What??

webOne year ago when we had the chance to visit England for Ben’s wish trip we did not in our wildest dreams imagine what would come next…

We’ve moved to England!!

Kit’s working in the city of Nottingham (for his same company in Denton) and we’ve got a great house. We’re connecting with some neat home educator groups and making friends and we are so unbelievably excited to share this adventure as a family – and to share it with you! We’ll be posting photos and videos here to keep in touch with friends and family as we’re exploring our new home.

Though we will miss Denton and our loved ones here SO MUCH, and it does feel like our hearts are being stretched between two places. Hopefully they’ll be able to come visit (hint, hint, y’all!)

2 thoughts on “Guess What??”

  1. Awesome news! Isn’t it dreamy when you receive your visa stamped into your passport? What a sense of relief it can be, right! We landed our Swiss visas only, yesterday! It took FOREVER to go through the Swiss paper work. I really didn’t think we would get approved for Swiss visas. CONGRATULATIONS! Waiting to read more posts about your move.

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