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Welcome to our little corner of the world! I’m Heidi, I’m married to Kit, we have six little ones keeping us busy ranging in ages from 12 down through 3. They’re adorable and amazing and wild and wonderful!

In 2005 our third child decided to show up four months early at a whopping 22 ounces and give us a good scare. This blog was created to keep family and friends updated through our 4 months in the hospital. You can read a bit about his NICU story here.

We’ve since archived those years but last fall we started sharing again because of some new adventures. Ben’s eyesight has been slowly declining (this was expected due to complications from his premature arrival) and we learned he had far more visual field loss than we realized. He started a wish list of places he would like to see and things he would like to do before he loses more vision.

Through the last few months we’ve been working on that wish list and being blessed in countless ways by friends, family, our community, and complete strangers as Ben tackles this challenge with his typical passion. So thank you, whoever you may be! We’re glad you came by and we welcome your comments and messages. We recently set up a page on Facebook to share the wish list adventures, and you can follow it here. We can be reached at heidi@thadenpierce.org or by snail mail through Kit’s work:

Ben’s Wish List
c/o Hobby-Q
PO Box 2107
Lake Dallas, TX 75065-2107

Ben and all the kids LOVE postcards so if you want to send one from your hometown or your vacation spot then they would be thrilled. It’s the next best thing to him getting to see those places in person.

Please know that we’re thrilled to have your kind words and well wishes and we’ve not intended to ask for any financial support – but each of you who have contacted us asking about helping make a wish come true, it is really appreciated! :) We were contacted by two wonderful people who set up donation pages in Ben’s honor:

InspireMore.com (The Inspire More campaign has ended – thank you to each of the 116 backers who offered their support in helping make Ben’s wishes come true. You are WONDERFUL – thank you!!!)

GiveForward.com (The Give Forward campaign has ended – thank you to each of the 119 backers who offered their support. Y’all are wonderful, too!)

Thank you!! We are completely blown away by this outpouring of support. While Ben made his wish list one evening hoping to have one dream come true. You have made SO MANY MORE happen… beyond his very wildest dreams. This world is full of such kindness.

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4 Responses to *Welcome, Welcome!*

  1. Angie says:

    I just found this site tonight as I have been reading your doula blog as I start my own doula career. Quite an inspiring read, I was born 30 years ago at 27w weighing 1 lb 13 oz with a 3 month nicu stay. I wish your family and Ben the best in his adventures and I hope he fulfills everything on his wish list!

  2. Heidi says:

    Angie, I’m glad my doula blog has been helpful, and thank you of your comment! As a preemie mom I love to hear about other preemies growing and thriving. :)

  3. Josh says:

    Heidi – I just sent you an email about donating to your sons cause. I would love to make a contribution. I would recommend setting up a PayPal account & set up a quick page to where anyone can just go to the page, enter their credit card info and donate.

  4. I just saw Ben’s story on HLN. Sending my love to you. I recently read a book by a man who went blind at age 7. It was called And there was Light, and it’s by Jacques Lusseyran. It’s a truly hopeful book.

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