Dreaming of Paris

I don’t usually remember my dreams, but last month I woke up with one so vivid it still feels real – and I still tear up when I remember it.

I was sitting on the steps of Sacré-Cœur with Ben and we were eating chocolate croissants and the sun was low enough in the sky that it was the golden hour, when everything seems magical and glowing. As I looked at him I spread my arm out across the city and said, “Ben, this is Paris!” He had that smile on his face, the one that’s ear to ear – when he’s so excited he’s practically quivering with happiness. In my dream I cried, because I was so happy that he could see Paris, that he could fall in love with this beautiful place. He could see it.

When I woke up I told Kit about it, and I said, “We’re taking them to Paris.” I don’t know how or when, but we are going to Paris and I’m going to sit on those steps and we’re going to eat croissants and this is going to happen. Just you wait and see… 🙂

Update here.

2 thoughts on “Dreaming of Paris”

  1. Hi-my son works at Funimation in Flower Mound. This is a company that buys anime movies from Japan and converts them to English. This company has real actors, directors etc. If Ben is interested, go to funimation.com, scroll down and click on help and fill out the form and he and the family can set up an appointment. Jamie Lee Curtis brought her boys in 2 weeks ago.

  2. I believe in you! ^__^ I’m currently raising money for my own travels to Europe this summer (I can’t wait!) and I’d be happy to send the kiddos a postcard from Paris!!

    My best advice would be to Google “Paris group tours for families” (or something along those lines). I’m probably a little late to the game but I recently found out about most-expenses-included group tours through Europe that are actually comparably priced to booking everything à la carte but they additionally include one or more travel experts. But then again, I’m a lone traveler and not a family of 8! Although it seems like a lot of the, shall we say, more affordable accommodations take 4-6 people per room. It’s worth looking into if the postcards don’t quench the thirst! 🙂

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